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The North West Area is the largest Area of the BMFA, with in excess of 130 clubs affiliated - and this figure is growing all the time - and probably the largest physical number of square miles too! (It is over 200 miles North to South, and 130 miles wide at its widest point). We, as an Area, have a direct involvement in many events within the Area and these number eight indoor events on a monthly basis throughout the winter months, running from October to May, two outdoor fly-ins, and we also help sponsor an Indoor meeting at the Velodrome in Manchester when we can get a booking!

This Website

The purpose of this website is provide a focus for BMFA Norh West Area members to get News, local event information, understand the way the area is run and to notify you about those things that could affect your flying within the region.

Please feel free to contribute any suitable material for inclusion here. Please contact the Webmaster directly.

North West Area Organisation Roles & Responsibilities

The Elected Officers of the Area Committee consists of:

The Chairman :-who shall preside over meetings of the Committee and conduct them in accordance with it’s rules and Constitution and shall represent the Area at the Area Council meetings.

The Vice Chairman :- who shall fulfil the duties of the Chairman in the event of his absent from meetings, and all other duties of the Chairman when he shall by indisposition or absence be unable to properly fulfil those duties.

The Honorary Secretary :- who shall attend meetings of the Committee and record and distribute the minutes of the meetings. He shall summon all meetings of the Committee and deal with the general correspondence of the Committee, submitting to the Committee such correspondence as may be received officially (If the Hon. Sec. is unable to record the minutes of a meeting then a member of the Committee shall be co-opted to record the minutes of that meeting). He shall send a copy of the Area minutes to the Society’s General Secretary following each meeting of the Committee.

The Honorary Treasurer :- who shall keep proper accounts of the Area Committee financial transactions. He shall deal with moneys allotted to the Area Committee and shall pay all accounts and moneys due after approval by the Committee. He shall be responsible for ensuring that a banking account exists and is maintained in the name of the Committee. All cheques drawn on such account shall require signing by any two from the Hon. Treasurer, the Hon. Secretary, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman. Immediately after the end of the financial year the Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Auditors an Income and Expenditure account and a balance sheet for their audit and certification. He shall send copies of these audited accounts to the secretaries of the clubs within the Area not later than the date on which the notice of the Annual General Meeting is circulated.

Flying Discipline Secretaries :- who shall take charge of such tasks of the Committee as concern any specific flying disciplines. They may be appointed for any discipline that the Area decides is appropriate and they shall co-ordinate the work of the Committee in that discipline.

The Council Delegate :- who shall attend all Full and Area Council Meetings of the Society and shall prepare and submit to the Committee reports on Council matters. He will liaise between the Council and the Area Committee and ensure that Council is kept informed of the opinions of the Area Committee and its member clubs. If the Council Delegate shall resign during his period of office then, on the Area Committee filling the vacancy under the Constitution, notice of such change together with personal details of the new Delegate shall be delivered to the Society within 7 days. The Council Delegate will automatically take on the post of a Director of SMAE Ltd, subject to ratification by SMAE Council, and shall undertake duties in this respect

The Public Relations Officer :- who shall inform the local and modelling press of events held under control of the Committee and shall publicise any activity or action by whatsoever means the Committee may from time to time decide.

The Education Co-ordinator :- who shall; a) provide a point of contact on model flying education matters within the Area, b) encourage Clubs to make contact with young people’s organisations in their locality, c) encourage Clubs to introduce young members to model flying activities, d) provide a point of contact for individual BMFA members who wish to help promote education initiatives’ e) keep the Area Committee advised of model education matters, f) attend any national meetings of Area Education Co-ordinators

The Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator :-Who shall: a) Keep the Area Chief Examiners (ACEs) up to date with Council precedents pertinent to the scheme. b) Respond to and deal with any enquiries from Area members or individual members of member Clubs or individuals wishing to take part in the Scheme. c) Provide feedback to the Area Committee on the work of the ACEs. d) Provide a framework under which ACEs can meet for the purpose of maintaining or improving the standards of examining across the Area

The Auditors :- who shall be one or two in number must be over 21 years of age and may not hold any other elected office in the Committee. They shall audit the account books and the bank account statements of the Area Committee, examine the vouchers supporting the same and sign the income and expenditure account and the balance sheet when correct for presentation to the Annual General Meeting. If the Annual General Meeting so decides then assistants may be appointed to help the above officials with their duties.


If you need to contact a BMFA NW Area representative, contact information is available on the Contact Page.

Upcoming Events

See Events page for more information

10 September 20:00 to 22:30. BMFA NW Area Committee meeting

14 September 13:00-16:00 Sutton Leisure Centre Indoor

6 October 09:30-12:00 Potteries MAG Autumn Mega Swapmeet

12 October 13:00-16:00 Sutton Leisure Centre Indoor

16th Oct 2019 Phoenix MAC NW area autumn swap meet


We have received reports of two instances in the North West where failsafes have activated with unexpected results. Specifically, the throttle has moved to full rather than idle or off.

Any radio system capable of failsafe action MUST be set to throttle low / stop in the event of a radio RF corruption or signal loss.

Important to note that if you make any changes to a model or radio system the reseting of the failsafe is crucial to ensure it works as intended.

Please re-test your failsafe before the next time you fly. Make sure your model is secure - just in case...


06/08/2019 - Provisional BMFA NW Area AGM Minutes available for download

27/06/2019 - The North West area has two new Area Chief Examiners. I would like to welcome John Biggins (FW) and Chris Bradbury (FW, Heli and MR). The Achievement Scheme Pages will be updated shortly

19/06/2019 - Minutes from BMFA-NW OGM 07/05/2019 now available to download from here

11/04/2019 - A new BMFA-NW event - Classic Glider - hosted by Leek and Moorland MGA. See events page for more detail

18/03/2019 - Andrew Ellison appointed as Area Chief Examiner for Fixed Wing and Silent Flight

25/02/2018 - A license has been negotiated for the use of the Sports hall at RAF Shawbury. 3 Standard Indoor events have been arranged (see Events) and the RC Indoor Nationals have now been scheduled for the 12 May

07/02/2019 FlightFest - a New BMFA initiative to promote Model Flying

See this document for more information

More details to follow

05/01/2019 There will a BMFA NW Area Achievement Scheme Roadshow on the 30th March.

Venue Oswaldtwistle mills conference centre Moscow suite

Numbers Approx 50

Time 0930 to 16.30

Refreshments tea coffee juices mints water finger buffet and desert

Car parking free. Oswaldtwistle mills is a famous north west retail outlet with cafes and lots to entertain the other half while we talk aeroplanes Conveniently situated about 7 minutes from junction 7 of the M65

21/11/2018 - Thanks to our new PRO - Andrew Ellison, we now have a Facebook page. Please check-in and like us:

Facebook North West Area

21/11/2018 - NW-Area AGM. A few changes. Martyn Kinder elected as Chairman, Andrew Ellison as PRO and John Minchell as Scale Secretary. Full details on the Contacts page

03/11/2018 - Excellent report by Kevin Watson on the NW Area Achievement Scheme Examiners Workshop held on the 30th September at Skelmersdale.
BMFA Website

30/10/2018 - Update on EASA regulations. See main BMFA News Bulletin here

27/9/2018 - 2018 Eddie Riding Free Flight Scale Report by Doug Hunt available for Download

25/7/2018 - Great News, an exemption to allow BMFA members to fly models (less than 7kg mass) above 400ft AGL has been issued. See BMFA Website bulletin. There are some conditions applied - mainly when flying within 1km of an aerodrome.

24/07/2018 "Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018 - Guidance for small unmanned aircraft users" has been released. This comes into force on the 30th July 2018. This affects all model flyers and should be read and fully understood.
Download from the CAA


More BMFA News - Here

  Photograph Acknowledgements

The BMFA Northwest Area would like to thank the following for allowing us to use their photographs in the site page headers:

  • Phil Cooke
  • Danny Fenton
  • David Hipperson
  • Ian Jones
  • Martyn Kinder
  • John Leadbetter
  • Andrew Meade
  • David Measures

If you would like to see your photos here, please send them to the webmaster for consideration. Images need to be landscape format, sharp and well lit.